Lost in Reception

Lost in _Reception_?

Posted in About by Roland Turner on March 25, 2009

Over the last decade I’ve lived in seven cities across five countries on four continents. Prior to the explosion of social networks (erm, Facebook) I depended critically upon email as a means of staying in touch with people across enormous distances and multiple time zones. The possibility of a probabilistic spam filter (which is to say, any useful spam filter) mistakenly junking legitimate email from friends and family worried me enough that I didn’t deploy one until quite recently.

Just over two years ago, I was approached by BoxSentry‘s CEO, Manish Goel. His vision includes eliminating the email loss (“false positives”) caused by spam filters. As this problem is close to my heart, I joined the company and am still here.

This blog is a place for links and thoughts about the mistakes in spam filters that cause mail-loss, and the resulting damage to the people and organisations who depend on those filters.

This blog is me, writing on my own behalf. It would be incorrect to cite my writings here as being an official position of BoxSentry. That said, my opinions and BoxSentry’s positions run pretty close on many issues, and Manish has encouraged me to publish a blog on this topic. So, while my writing is part of my work with BoxSentry, it is not a channel for BoxSentry’s marketing messages.

I also maintain a personal blog.

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  1. […] Relevant disclosure: I work for TrustSphere which supplies software that can be used for whitelist automation (TrustVault) and reputation data that can be used as described above (TrustCloud). On re-reading it occurs to me that this post makes a case for using TrustSphere’s products. I’d like to clarify that it is not the case that I believe the above (or wrote it without believing it!) because I work for TrustSphere but, rather, than I work for TrustSphere because I believe the above. See also my comments on this from a few years ago. […]

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